Keenan Trainings 

Log in to Keenan Safe Schools,  (employees will need to have their Employee ID).  Once you gain access, employees can locate the COVID related classes under the Health tab and the following classes will be available for you to review:

  • Coronavirus (COVID): Awareness, 10 minutes 
  • COVID: CDC Guide to mask making, 9 minutes
  • COVID: Cleaning/Disinfecting Workplace, 10 minutes
  • COVID: Managing Stress & Anxiety, 12 minutes
  • COVID: Preparing your household, 9 minutes 
  • COVID: Transmission to Remote Working, 11 minutes

SISC Resources

Obtain the resources below by going to the SISC-COVID Site .

List of SISC Value Added Benefit Programs to support health and well-being 

  • Coronavirus FAQ and Risk Assessment by MD LIVE
  • List of COVID 19 Resources available to all through SISC EAP
  • Tips to Cope with Anxiety and Stress during the COVID-19 Outbreak by Anthem EAP
  • Steps to Stress less during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Anthem EAP
  • Mask Etiquette by Kaiser Permanente
  • How to Squeeze in Movement While Working from Home by Hinge Health
  • Resources for Parenting during the Coronavirus by Anthem EAP 
  • How to talk to Kids about COVID-19 video by Kaiser Permanente 
  • COVID-19 Resources for Schools and Families from Kaiser Permanente 
  • Managing Anxiety When Returning to work SISC 
  • SISC COVID19 mystrength Parenting 
  • SISC Child Care COVID

Resources listed above are accessible for all employees during the Pandemic.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A confidential resource available 365 days a year, 24/7 offering one on one counseling by phone, in-person and online.  Web- based tools and resources, legal and financial consultations and support on the go through the online and mobile myStrength program.  EAP flyer is located here.


A simple, fast and safe tool for Drug and Mental Health help, please see the flyer containing more information here.

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